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All of the premium, raw land real estate we own is intentionally kept hidden from the public — and only available for your viewing on a first-call, first-serve basis.

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You won’t find our properties listed anywhere else, guaranteed (this also helps play a part in how we are able to keep our prices so ridiculously low).

Give us a call right now so we can send you a personalized list of outrageously affordable properties that best match your preference, location, and budget (given that it isn’t too big)… fast and for free!

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Did You Know We Offer Financing For Your "Dream" Land?

Yes!  We are one of the few raw land investment companies that offers financing for land owners.  We are are happy to help you pay for your property on a stress-free, month-to-month basis (and our down payments are dirt cheap to boot!) Call now so we can discuss the options you have!

"One Man's Dream To Make Land Accessible To All Americans."

A Friendly Letter To You From Dirt Cheap RE Founder, Christopher Garlick:

Hey there!  I’d like to personally thank you for taking the very first step in becoming an Official American Land Owner: considering the options you have when choosing “your land.”

Whether you’re looking for the unlimited freedom to do whatever you please (camping, cattle ranching, growing a garden, the opportunities are endless…), your own personal haven to get away from it all, have an investment or business venture in mind, or simply take pride in being an American Land Owner, I’d be honored to help play a small role in that making that big dream come true.

You might also be wondering how exactly I am able to offer raw land at such a low price (and am one of the very few small business owners that can offer land-buyer financing)… Well, it all started with a dream of my own!

My father believed in teaching my two brothers, my sister, and I everything he knew about life out on the land.  He was a firm believer in that fact that as the world evolves, land is the only thing that will remain the same.  All good things are built on land.  I attribute everything meaningful in my life now to those moments with my dad.

So you can see how impassioned I am about the significance of land and my mission to offer that same gift to other Americans at a truly unbeatable steal of a deal.  It makes my blood boil at night when I hear countless stories of landowners getting stiffed on a raw deal by “the big players” nearly every single day.

This is why a deal with Dirt Cheap RE is a deal done “on the land” by a real landowner for real landowners.  It would be a serious honor and privilege to do a deal with you.  Thank you!

Dirt Cheap RE is a private, land investment company based in Sanford, North Carolina.  We have been investing in raw land for years, and we have bought, sold, or leased interests in properties covering over 250,000+ acres located over many and counties.  We’ve done deals with thousands of owners all across the United States.

Why so cheap?  Our goal at Dirt Cheap RE is to sell you land at wholesale prices. We want you to feel great about the price you’re paying. You get immediate equity in the land, and in return… we get a faster sale! 

The Land Is Cheap, The Freedom Is Priceless

Call us today to inquire about the perfect property for you!  We have spectacular off-market properties fit for every type of land owner.

There's A Benefit For Every Single Acre

The Ultimate Peace Of Mind.  Land is an asset that doesn’t depreciate.  You won’t need to worry about the value of the “million dollar home” in the city getting reduced to that of Section 8 Housing the very next week.  And forget about the weather wearing out the investment, the land doesn’t mind!

• Freedom To Be Cheap.  If you aren’t installing utilities, there is no utility bill.  The insurance cost for your property is minimal as well.  And property taxes?  Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!

Freedom To Ride.  With all the new acerage, it just wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t fire up an ATV and fly hot across the lot with your family and friends.  Being a landowner is the thrill seeker’s ultimate dream.

• Freedom To Roam.  For the lover of the great outdoors, there is truly nothing more rewarding than being able to roam the property that you own.  There will always be something new to explore and discover without a closing time.

• Freedom Of Flexibility. You can build whatever you want on raw land, without having to worry about following restrictive zoning laws or getting approval from a homeowners association.

• The Beauty Of Appreciation. Raw land is a golden investment. If you buy raw land in an area that is being developed, the value of your land is likely to go up over time!

• The Start Of Your Dream Home. Raw land can also be a great place to build your dream home. If you are looking for a piece of property where you can have complete control over the design and construction of your home, raw land is the perfect option.

• The Cornerstone Of The American Dream. When you purchase raw land, you are buying a piece of America that you can call your own. This is one of the big perks the “city slickers” don’t have!

• The Great, Big Tax Advantages. One of the benefits of raw land is that it is often heavily tax-advantaged. The government offers many tax breaks for landowners, which can save you a lot of money over time.

• An Investment In America. There are few things more gratifying than knowing that you own your property free and clear. If you’re looking for a way to invest in America, and achieve the American dream, buying raw land is a great option.

Here's How Our "Dirt Cheap" Deals Work!

Book A Call & Select A Property

Call the number listed on this page.  We will send you the “perfect properties” based on your preferences.  Then you will reserve the property of your choosing, complete the checkout form to make a deposit, and reserve the parcel. 

Sign The Property Agreement

We will then prepare a standard land purchase agreement for you to review.  After approval, all you’ll need to do is sign and return the agreement form.

Close On The Property!

We’ll then begin the closing process either in-house or through a third-party closing company (like a title company) to officially complete the land sale.  Then the land is now yours!

All Of Our Dirt Cheap Real Estate Properties Are Listed Off-Market And Sent Directly To You After Placing A Call To Our Office!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you tell me about the property?
Are you a real estate agent?

We sell almost every property that we purchase.   Everything we know about the property is included in the listing.  Please read the property listing closely.  We are happy to answer questions, but there is virtually nothing we can tell you over phone or via email that’s not already included in the listing

Why is the property so cheap?

We evaluate anywhere from 10 to over 250+ properties for every property that we purchase.  We purchase discounted, wholesale properties and large numbers of properties at scale.  We price properties for resale below market to encourage quicker sales.  It’s a win-win for both of us; you get immediate equity in your property, right after purchasing it, and we sell our property faster.

Does the property have any utilities?

Unless specifically indicated in the property listing, you should assume that the property does not have any utilities.  At the very least, we are unaware of utilities on the property.  Power poles can frequently be identified from aerial images and street views, but buried utilities are impossible to determine without specific knowledge and/or a detailed investigation.  Many of our rural properties are great “green” or “off the grid” tracts that would be perfect for alternative water, power, and sewer systems.

How do I plan a site visit?

Each property listing includes GPS coordinates, an interactive map, and images of maps and tracts boundaries.  Every property has unique access; some are accessible via paved highways and others require 4-wheel drive.

Are there any back taxes or liens?

No.  We guarantee that all our properties are sold “free and clear” of all liens, mortgages, encumbrances, and back taxes.  

Are their any usage or building restrictions?

Most rural vacant lands have few, if any, usage and building restrictions, but every state and county is a little different.  Please check with the local county regarding permitted property use.  We cannot make representations and warranties as to the suitability or use of a property.

Can I raise crops or animals on the property?

Most likely, yes.  But please check with the local county regarding permitted property use. 

Are mineral rights included?

Unless specifically indicated in the property listing, mineral rights are not included.  We’ve never found this to be an issue or concern with any of the properties we have sold.